Labiaplasty- Labia Reduction (Vulvaplasty)

The Vulva is a complex area of your body – it is associated with fertility, reproduction, sexuality, genital confidence, and overall self confidence. It is also an emotional part of your being.

The labia, especially the inner labia, come in many shapes and sizes. Some women have inner genital lips that are enlarged, irregular, and protrude far beyond the level of the outside labia—this can be problematic and severely embarrassing. Sometimes both inner labia are very wide and/or long (this is called labial hypertrophy), and sometimes the right and left inner labia are different in size and shape and seem malformed. Some women are born with enlarged labia, while others develop enlarged labia over time.

While some women are not concerned with having mildly enlarged labia, many women don’t feel comfortable or confident with the size or shape of their labia. This can result in avoidance of sex and loss of libido, intimacy and relationship problems.

Many women request surgical repair when their lips are asymmetrical, or especially large and abnormal looking.

A simple reduction of enlarged or abnormal looking inner labia for women who require it, is sensible and reasonable.